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Where are my glasses?

Unique and memorable eyeglasses holders that keeps your eyeglasses safe and conveniently on display.

💕Made with Heart💖

💕Made with Heart💖 ~ I am a self-taught sculptor ~I believe anything is possible if you want it enough and try hard enough. ​~I started sculpting because I wanted my own personalized glasses frame. ​~I love every glasses frame I have completed. ~I adore personalized glasses frames, they are my inspiration and I love recreating them in wood. ~I started sculpting when I was 15 years old. ​ ~I love my pets ~​ ​ ​~I love smiling :) ​ ~I love to laugh! ​ ~I am unbelievably thankful for everything I have in my life and wouldn't take back a second if I had the option, my life is perfect with all the imperfections.​ ​​~I love everyone who takes the time to support and enjoy my creations, I can't thank you all enough!


Doing what we can

30% of tips and order sales will be donated to the International Fund for Animal Welfare. It is used to rescue animals and protect animal populations and habitats.